Molly-Ann Leikin, the executive speechwriter, is an Emmy Nominee. She offers you a variety of creative, custom writing services, including fundraising speeches, acceptance speeches, Bar/Bat Mitzvah speeches, memorials, toasts and Dear John letters. 

Molly understands the importance of your personal message, and makes every syllable just right for you.

Molly’s Background

She got her first gig when she was only eight. Miss Hodgins, her fourth grade teacher, “invited” Molly to write “I must not chew gum in school” one thousand times, with a nib pen and ink. She did so well on that assignment, Molly immediately scored another one – “I must not talk in class” – two thousand times.

Now her credits include more than five dozen TV shows and movies, including “Violet”, which won an Oscar. The subjects of chewing gum and speaking in class haven’t come up again.

What kind of creative writing service do you need?

Molly writes dynamic acceptances speeches when you’re installed as an officer of a charity, or when you are nominated for an Industry award – like an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony or a Golden Globe. The only thing Molly won’t write for you is a ransom note, but she farms those out to Big Willie, upstate.

Molly writes toasts and memorials – for your family, your friends, colleagues, your pets, plus Bar/Bat Mitzvah speeches and even wedding proposals. She has a very sharp pencil for Dear John letters. When you’ve been Dear Johnned by Molly, you stay Dear Johnned!

Her words – your words – are remembered forever.

Will I hear my speech anywhere else?

Never! Everything Molly creates for you is personal. Everything is one-of-a- kind. She will write something unique for each of the legacy occasions of your life. You can save them in a beautiful Legacy Book on your coffee table.

How do I start?

After speaking with you at length, and hearing what is in your heart, Molly writes it down, makes it sound just like you, and sparkle, too. She has a special gift to make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry, make you, your colleagues, your boss and your family very proud.

She even coaches you on your delivery. That’s all included in her creative fee.

What is your deadline?

When you need an executive speech, a Bat/Bar Mitzvah speech, acceptance speech, fundraising speech, a memorial speech, eulogy or a once-in-a-lifetime toast, contact Molly-Ann Leikin at 800-851-6588 or 310-494-0118.

Molly adds the magic to the milestone occasions of your life.

They deserve it.

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